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☎️ Preferred Communication Channels During Hiring Process 📱

As we approach the sunset of 2022, it allows us to plan and prepare for the upcoming 2023 recruiting trends. A recent study conducted by Global Recruitment Insights & Data surveyed 2000+ workers. One key finding was the candidate’s preferred method of communication throughout the talent lifecycle. The results are as follows: Communication Preferences: Choosing

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🤫 Quiet Quitting

A current cultural phenomenon is called Quiet Quitting and it is taking social media by storm. It is extremely controversial, from workers to corporate consultants, CEOs, news media outlets, labour rights advocates voicing their opinions.  The term Quiet Quitting was first established in 2009, however it has resurged in popularity due to several viral videos on Tik Tok.

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🔌 Right to Disconnect 👩‍💻

Ontario’s Right to Disconnect legislation went into effect June 2, 2022. This is part of Ontario’s Bill 27, Working for Workers Act, 2021 which requires employers with 25  or more employees to develop a written policy for staff regarding disconnecting from work. “Disconnecting from Work” is defined as not engaging in work-related communications, including emails, telephone

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💼 The Great Resignation

With the cost of living now at an all-time high and the inflation rate at 7.7% (as of May 2022), the price of fuel north of $2.00/l and combined with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are living under circumstances that have forever altered our careers and the way that we conduct our lives.

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👩🏾‍🏫 The Stay Interview 👩‍💻

It’s no secret that the world of work has forever changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are leaving their jobs en masse and reporting higher dissatisfaction in their jobs than ever before in recorded history, which has been dubbed as The Great Resignation.* With workers leaving in droves and companies having a difficult

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✍️ Proofread Resume and LinkedIn Profile 💯

According to my research there are 1,755,800 Canadians unemployed as of Jan 8, 2021. My advice to jobseekers today is to take 10 minutes to proofread and read aloud your resume and LinkedIn profile. I encourage you to have a second pair of eyes proofread your resume and LinkedIn as well. If you can achieve a near

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When is the best time to submit a resume

⏰ When is the best time to submit a resume? ⌚️

The short answer is 8:20 AM Monday to Friday of a business day.  This allows the recruiter to ease into the workday at 8:00 AM before the zoom calls begin say at 8:30AM or 9:00AM.  At 8:20AM, your resume is at the top of the inbox, it gives the recruiter the 6 seconds to read your resume to

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🦃 Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

Direct IT Recruiting extends warm wishes to you and your family this weekend. We gather on Thanksgiving to be thankful for what we have, for the family we love, the friends we cherish, and for the blessings that will come.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Resume Tips – Applicant Tracking System

Did you know that a recruiter spends on average 6 seconds ⏰ to review your resume? Before the resume even makes it to the human reviewer, it is funnelled through an Applicant Tracking System, ATS. By following the tips below, your resume will successfully navigate through the ATS, make it to the human reviewer resulting in an interview. What

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🇨🇦 Happy Canada Day 🍁

Direct IT Recruiting extends warm wishes to you and your families celebrating a Happy Canada Day! During these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that many days seem to blend into one another, but days like Canada Day are ones that we all have much love and respect for. As Canada turns 153

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Happy Pride Month

Happy Pride Month! Here at Direct IT Recruiting Inc., we recognize the importance and value of inclusion and diversity in all facets of life, work included. As we celebrate Pride Month worldwide, we encourage everyone to reflect upon how they can embody these values and make progress on issues facing the LGBTQIA community.

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Black Lives Matter

Here at Direct IT Recruiting Inc., we recognize the importance of the Black community and the issues that Black Lives Matter has sought to address. We also must acknowledge that there is significant work to do to achieve true equality in the workplace and society. In Canada, there has been a long history of inequality,

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Tips on How to Keep Your Remote Team Connected

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are finding ourselves working from home to avoid the spread of the virus. We are all working hard at home however missing our water cooler chats with our fellow co-workers, our lunch and learns, holiday team lunches and the occasional going out for beer and wings with the

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COVID-19 Onboarding New Hires Remotely

COVID-19: Onboarding New Hires Remotely ?

Congratulations to both the employer and candidate for successfully navigating through the remote interview process and now the offer is being extended to the successful candidate.    69% of employees are more likely to stay at a company for 3 years if they have a good onboarding experience.  20% of employee turnover occurs during the first 45 days.  These

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When Do People Leave Their Jobs?

Through my experience as CEO of Direct IT Recruiting combined with my research, I have compiled a list of the most popular occurrences of when people leave their jobs.   COVID-19 Pandemic: Of course, we must take into consideration the unprecedented increase in the Canadian unemployment rate due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 7.2+ million Canadians have

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Top IT Skills for 2020

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a very high percentage of candidates have found themselves unemployed, working reduced hours or furloughed. Even if you are one of the fortunate IT professionals working during this unprecedented outbreak, we invite you to read the compiled list below, which outlines the top IT skills and certifications that

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Why Do People Leave Their Jobs?

Here at Direct IT Recruiting, we see large quantities of candidates wanting to leave their jobs. There are many reasons why people leave their jobs, but we want to cover some of the most prevalent reasons. The Manager One of the most frequent issues people have with their jobs is their dislike for their manager.

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The Importance of a Thank You Letter

Congratulations! You have just completed your interview! This is an exciting step in your burgeoning career. Now, we at Direct IT Recruiting Inc. are unleashing our professional recommendation for what the top 10% of candidates do. What these candidates do differently, to rise above the rest, is write a thank you note following their interview

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The Resignation Letter

Throughout the course of your career, it is likely you will change jobs and employers. While this is a natural occurrence, it is important to leave your previous employer with the best possible impression. This can translate to excellent references for future jobs, and a possible safety net, as your new job may not always

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