What is the added value of a recruiter?

  1. A GOOD recruiter will accelerate the hiring process. Faster on-boarding yields more productivity for the company. Time is money!


  1. A GOOD recruiting agency does what they do best–recruit top talent while the company utilizes valuable time doing what they do best–running their company!


  1. In this highly competitive market, I find that candidates are receiving numerous offers simultaneously. If you do not act swiftly, you will lose the candidate. A GOOD recruiter maintains strong communication with the winning candidate throughout the entirety of the hiring process. Describing to the candidate why the job opportunity is so important, in addition to being for a great company, why it’s exactly in-line with the candidate’s career path, etc.…The GOOD recruiter also listens to the candidate, and informs them when the next interview with the competitor is, whether there’s an offer in hand, an offer pending etc.….


  1. A GOOD recruiter has a strong understanding of the company culture, org chart, the team fit, skill set, appropriate language skills for the role and incorporates this while screening candidates. Some of these items cannot simply be translated into a job description or be described in a resume. The GOOD recruiter will discover these qualities during the screening process to ensure that the candidate fits the position well.


  1. If a job is taking too long to fill, a GOOD recruiter will have a candid talk with the client to let them know of the difficulties. Sometimes the salary or hourly rate is just too low, and you cannot compete and attract the required talent. Sometimes the combination of skills is extremely rare, so we may have to dummy down, tweak the job description and translate the must-have skills to be nice-to-have skills.


  1. If a company has a great, ongoing relationship with a recruiter, there could be a re-occurring role or skill set. The GOOD recruiter is cognisant of these trends and will create daily alerts to capture these highly specialised, hard-to-find skills. When the client is ready to hire, the GOOD recruiter has a pre-existing pool of candidates that they can easily contact. This could significantly minimize the required effort, ensuring a shorter on-boarding.


  1. A GOOD recruiter listens attentively to the client and to the candidate.


  1. A GOOD recruiter showcases the resume to highlight the candidate’s skills, and builds upon simply matching the job description. This allows the recruiter to present the candidate in the best possible light.


  1. A GOOD recruiter coaches the candidate, prepares the candidate for interview(s). The candidate should feel confident that there will be no surprises in the interview.


  1. Once an offer is made, a GOOD recruiter will close the candidate. These are often very difficult negotiations, each word in the offer is often analyzed and may require explanation and changes, while also being mindful of the possibility of multiple offers.

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