Top IT Skills for 2020

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a very high percentage of candidates have found themselves unemployed, working reduced hours or furloughed. Even if you are one of the fortunate IT professionals working during this unprecedented outbreak, we invite you to read the compiled list below, which outlines the top IT skills and certifications that employers seek in 2020.

We here at Direct IT Recruiting recommend utilizing any spare time during COVID-19 to target and improve on some of these skills on this list and attend on-line training, tutorials, webinars. Some of these courses are offered at no charge. 

Recommended IT On-Line Training Web Sites for 2020 are as follows: – Offering on-line courses for Spring Batch, Django, ASP.NET, JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, Ruby on Rails 6, UX

Harvard OnLine Computer Science – Offering game development, web programming, Python, JavaScript, Mobile App Development. NOTE: I must say that that I am always impressed when I see Harvard on a candidate’s resume even if is only one (1) course! – Offering Python, Git, SQL, Machine Learning, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js – Offering Python, MATLAB, AI, Foundations Using R, Spreadsheets and Models – JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Web Development (Full Stack and Front End), Java, SQL, Excel Tips, Node.js, React.js, C++, Tableau

            There are multiple stages of employment, as well as preparing for employment. While many are just entering the workforce, others may be looking into what skills build upon for future employment, and others may be trying to sharpen skills to potentially move into a different position. With this being said, this list consists of certain skills that have arisen as being extremely attractive to potential employers according to my 2020 research employment trends. Listed below is a set of IT skills that we here at Direct IT Recruiting have placed a strong emphasis on when we search for the best candidates. 

Top IT Skills of 2020:

  1. Python – This programming language is a staple skill for any job related to data analytics. We highly recommend learning this programming language if you want to excel in the software development industry, Python is a must.
  2. Django – Python-based open source web framework. 
  3. React.js  – JavaScript library for developing user interfaces
  4. Angular.js – JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework. Developers with experience with Angular.js Version 2.0 or higher are highly sought after.
  5. Vue.js – This is another JavaScript library that is highly sought after within the IT industry.
  6. Node.js – JavaScript library
  7. JavaScript – Strong JavaScript development experience is predominantly a highly desirable skill  
  8. AI, Machine Learning
  9. MS SQL and/or Oracle PL/SQL –  Back-end developers with SQL skills are in high demand. In my experience, the majority of back-end developers have strong SQL and/or PL/SQL skills, such as: SQL stored procedures, triggers, queries, T-SQL, and complex SQL scripting. 
  10. Amazon Web Services AWS – cloud certification  
  11. DevOps – Jenkins, Docker
  12. Linux
  13. CompTIA – certification such as A+, especially for IT Support roles which are always in high demand
  14. Cybersecurity – This is a very important skill set however there are very few jobs as companies usually have a small IT Security/Cybersecurity department. These jobs are very few and highly competitive.
  15. Virtual Reality VR
  16. Internet of Things IoT
  17. Java – Especially combined with Spring Boot
  18. C++, C, C# – Never goes out of style
  19. .NET, ASP.NET – Still a popular skill set for jobs
  20. HTML, CSS – Always popular
  21. Git, GitHub
  22. MS Power BI – for Data Analytics
  23. Elasticsearch, ELK Stack, Logstash, Kibana – collects, manages and helps you analyze logs, create visualizations for application and infrastructure monitoring and security analytics.
  24. Atlassian tools – JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket – I did not see this listed in my research however in my actual job searches, I have had to find candidates with strong JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket skills. I strongly recommend acquiring an Atlassian certification and you will be above your competition.
  25. Mobile App Development – iOS and Android App Development 
  26. COBOL – Call me crazy however, I have seen a few jobs requiring strong COBOL developers. The banks with their mainframes and COBOL applications are not going away, the baby boomers are retiring thus COBOL developer jobs will be in demand.

Top IT Certifications of 2020:

Agile/Scrum  Certification –  CSM, CSPO, CSP, ACP, ICP, PMI/ACP 

Microsoft Certification – MCSE, MCPD

Microsoft Azure Certification – Cloud

CISCO Certification – CCNA, CCNP 

Project Management Professional – PMP

Certified Business Analyst Professional – CBAP (highly sought after certification)

ITIL/ITSM – Certifications in combination with ServiceNow experience 

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