Tips on How to Keep Your Remote Team Connected

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are finding ourselves working from home to avoid the spread of the virus. We are all working hard at home however missing our water cooler chats with our fellow co-workers, our lunch and learns, holiday team lunches and the occasional going out for beer and wings with the team. Well, here at Direct IT Recruiting, we have compiled some FUN suggestions to keep your team engaged during these virtual times. As many are missing the ability to even have casual time at work, and these can be stressful times, these tips can keep your team motivated and excited!

Zoom Pizza Party ?

How fun is this? The manager or team lead orders pizza and has it delivered to everyone’s home at a specific time say 11:30AM and organizes a Zoom Pizza Party for lunch at 12:00 Noon on a Friday. This will surely bond the team with lots of laughs and comradery. Order a large pizza for each household so that the spouses and family can enjoy pizza as well!

Team Fitness Challenge ??‍♂️

As part of working from home, it is imperative to get outside DAILY. You need a change of scenery from the confines of your home. Being outside promotes creativity, reduces stress and you will absorb some vitamin D! May I suggest a 7-day team fitness challenge? This could be whoever walks or runs the most steps in 1 week wins a $100 Amazon gift card. The person can then shop on-line and have their gift delivered at their doorstep.

Home Office Virtual Tour ??‍?

As we all have our dedicated home office spaces or parcels of dedicated real estate off the kitchen or dining room table, we suggest once a week a team member will prepare a short video or live zoom tour of their personal home office space. This will allow each team member to let down their guard and have a better understanding of how each person is coping with this WFH situation and making the best of it. There will be plenty of laughter and empathy for each other.  I am certain that the puppy dog will Zoom bomb the video, the daughter’s toys will be scattered along the desk, and the stacks of coffee mugs will be high!

Virtual Happy Hour – Quarantini ?

Perhaps 4:00PM on a Thursday afternoon someone in the group will be selected in advance to perform a virtual Zoom mixed drink demonstration, their version of the “Quarantini” with a recipe for everyone to try at home. Demonstrating step by step the secrets for this perfect cocktail!  

Virtual Coffee Chat ☕️

This could be the Monday morning team meeting and bring your coffee to the zoom meeting. Perhaps the first 15-20 minutes of the meeting is a dedicated Coffee Chat round table asking, “How was everyone’s weekend?” or “What did you do?” It is a great way to get to know each team member, it also provides each person the opportunity to speak and feel included.  

End-of-the-Month Virtual Round Table ?

Similarly, the last Friday of the month schedule a virtual round table where each team member can make suggestions on what they liked, what worked for them, any suggestions for improvements for working remotely.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Campfire Party ?

For the gamers in your organization, may I suggest a RDR2 campfire party.  You will need a gaming console, Red Dead Redemption 2 game and headphones.  Since the COVID-19 quarantine began, people have been looking for creative ways to host meetings instead of the typical Zoom and Webinars. Red Dead Redemption 2 has an online mode where players can meet, sit around a campfire and chat. This is a great way to relax, have a meeting, in real-life make chili, cook food and drink coffee. After the meeting, you can all play the game together. This allows coworkers some time to wind down after a day of work, may I suggest 5:00PM on a Thursday.

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