🇨🇦 Happy Canada Day 🍁

Direct IT Recruiting extends warm wishes to you and your families celebrating a Happy Canada Day! During these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that many days seem to blend into one another, but days like Canada Day are ones that we all have much love and respect for. As Canada turns 153 this year, we look back on our laudable contributions to the world and commend them. As Canadians, we can certainly recognize our contributions to the world of space (Canadarm), diplomacy (involvement in UN missions), movies (IMAX), music (Canada Day is the opportune time to dust off those Tragically Hip CDs!), sports (Basketball), the field of medicine (Penicillin), board games (Trivial Pursuit), and lastly, (and most deliciously) Nanaimo bars and Poutine. 

While Canada has certainly had a notable history, it is our duty as Canadians to be educated of our history and learn from it, as well as try and resolve many issues facing Canada as a country today. Our message of compassion and empathy should resonate globally, throughout our communities and our homes.  

So, while we at Direct IT Recruiting may have to watch the fireworks from our own screens, as opposed to the usual scenic lakeside show, we encourage you to enjoy your day, enjoy the sunshine and enjoy Canadian nature.

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