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As we approach the sunset of 2022, it allows us to plan and prepare for the upcoming 2023 recruiting trends.

A recent study conducted by Global Recruitment Insights & Data surveyed 2000+ workers. One key finding was the candidate’s preferred method of communication throughout the talent lifecycle. The results are as follows:

Communication Preferences: Choosing the Right Channel

This is an interesting graph. From Direct IT Recruiting’s perspective, we would like to comment on these findings and suggest how we view the preferred communication channels.


When we are granted the opportunity to recruit for our valued customers, every second counts, the talent pool is limited, the labour market is very hot. We find that email is too slow to reach out to qualified candidates. We have had emails delayed up to 12+ hours when we send an email to a Gmail account. When we email candidates with Yahoo and Hotmail accounts, they may go to junk mail and are never read. To alleviate the uncertainty of a lost or delayed email, we use other methods of communication when we first reach out to candidates for our exciting opportunities.


We fully acknowledge that people screen their calls and do not want to receive another duct cleaner or CRA SPAM call however, we call FIRST. If candidates are in the market for a new job, they will pick up the call or return our call.


We love to text. This method grasps our candidate’s attention immediately with minimal disruption. If the candidate is interested, he/she/they will reply to us quickly, and we can begin screening and qualifying the candidate.


LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for many reasons. In the context of this article, we will send the candidate a LinkedIn invitation to connect. Once the candidate has accepted our invitation, we will send a LinkedIn message as an alternative communication method if texts are not being answered.

App Notification

We will use this method however it is not our preference. Indeed works well, and we receive a reasonably good response rate. Communication through ZipRecruiter is slow, or the message is buried or lost; we rarely use this method. Monster yields a very high response rate with candidates. If a candidate has applied through a specific app, then we will reply through that app for the candidate’s convenience. We view the App communication method as a passive approach and is not the most expedient way to receive a reply from a candidate.

In summary, to contact a candidate with the highest degree of success, Direct IT Recruiting lists our preferred method of communication as follows:

  • Phone
  • Text
  • Email
  • App Notification
  • LinkedIn

Hiring Process

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