📈 The PIE Formula 🥧

Are you ready to climb the corporate ladder at your current company?  This little secret could help you achieve that promotion using the PIE formula. Hard work and being a top performer alone will not progress you forward in your career. There are other key elements as well.

The three factors in determining your career success are as follows:

P – Performance

How well you perform your job attributes to 10% of your career success.

I – Image

Image is how you are perceived by the people you work with. Image attributes to 30% of your career success.

E – Exposure

Exposure is defined as people know what you have done and how it matters to the organization. Exposure attributes to 60% of your career success.

From this breakdown, you can see that there is considerable emphasis on image and exposure. If you visualize your career as a product, you will realize that this formula makes sense.

A product could be technologically advanced with amazing features however if the Image is wrong such as the packaging does not convey the value or stand out on the shelf, then people will not buy it. Also, if the Exposure is minimal, such as no marketing, then no one will know about this incredible product and it will fail. The greatest product or career can never reach its full potential without the right Image and full Exposure.

How to improve your Image and Exposure?

Change the way you talk about yourself

Try characterizing yourself in a way you want to be known. As an example, you could state on LinkedIn that you are available for speaking engagements on certain topics of interest. This would be the first step to improve your Image and give you greater Exposure.

Tell people what you want

Tell your manager that you are interested in taking part in an internal committee or special project or lead the next meeting. This way, you show interest, and your manager will pave the way to help make this happen. Your boss and colleagues cannot read your mind. You must let them know what you want, then they will assist you with the opportunities that you feel you deserve.

Debrief your manager on a major completed project

Say you just completed a large project. Take time to filter through the completed project and all the associated data. Schedule a meeting with your manager to discuss the project’s challenges, the results, successes, accolades you and the project team received and key learnings.

Enjoy being your own GPS of your career, navigating the journey and arriving at your deserved destination.

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