The Resignation Letter

Throughout the course of your career, it is likely you will change jobs and employers. While this is a natural occurrence, it is important to leave your previous employer with the best possible impression. This can translate to excellent references for future jobs, and a possible safety net, as your new job may not always be exactly what you imagined, and your previous employer may be willing to rehire you. As well, writing a letter of resignation is a professional courtesy, which when combined with 2 weeks’ notice, allows the company sufficient time to find your replacement, allow you time to document your work, complete any outstanding tasks and perform knowledge transfer

When approaching a resignation letter, it is important to note that this serves as a written legal document. The letter should be printed, signed and placed in an envelope. The letter itself should be hand-delivered to your employer, as this gives them the opportunity to read it and discuss your resignation should they have any questions. If the hiring manager is unavailable for a face-to-face meeting, then a phone call is the next best optionDo not resign by text, as this is very unprofessional.

As a personal suggestion, depending on the atmosphere of the workplace, if you see it as fitting to deliver a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates with the resignation letter, do so. This is an excellent example of how to maintain a positive relationship with your current employer. Additionally, after submitting your notice, we recommend bringing in a box of Timbits for the team. This serves as a friendly goodbye, and will be appreciated by your co-workers.

The resignation letter should include a number of details as follows: today’s date, last day of work, state that you have enjoyed/appreciated the work experience you obtained in your position, and that you will assist during the transition period. This can be followed by wishing your employer all the best to “keep the door open”. As a reminder, the connections you make and maintain throughout your professional career encourage ongoing positive references and referrals. When we say “keep the door open,” we mean to ensure that your employer feels they are being treated fairly, and with respect, as it may do wonders for your career. 

Example of a Resignation Letter

(Name – Edward Smith)

(Street Address – 22 Acacia Avenue)

(City, Province – Toronto, Ontario)

(Postal Code)

(Today’s Date)

Dear (Hiring Manager),

May you please accept this letter as my formal notice of resignation from (company). My last day will be (date). 

It has been a privilege to work with you and the (team, group, etc.) over the past (employment period). 

Please let me know how I may assist during this transition period. I personally and professionally wish you and the (company) all the best.


(Name – Edward Smith)

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